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Crossroads: Presenting SponsorCrossroads: Presenting Sponsor
Crossroads is an interdenominational Church. Their beliefs are shared by many different Christian denominations, and they welcome everyone.
For Crossroad, Officer Sonny Kim wasn't just another officer in blue. He was the duty officer for weekend services at Crossroads Church in Oakley.

"Officer Kim was a true professional," said Jennifer Sperry, a spokeswoman for the church said in 2015 in a prepared statement. "He protected and led our community. He was kind, courteous and helpful. Simply put, he was an invaluable member of our team and we are heartbroken."
Crossroad History

In 1995, a group of 11 Cincinnatians felt a need.

They wanted a great environment to meet with friends to explore questions about God without having to pretend they had it all together or wading through a bunch of religious lingo. They wanted to offer their friends an alternative that wouldn't make assumptions about what they believed about God or knew about the Bible. They wanted to assure their friends that no one would single them out by asking, "Where are all the visitors?"

On March 24, 1996, Crossroads Community Church "went public" in a rented room at Peoples Middle School (now Clark Montessori) in Hyde Park. About 450 people showed up that day, intrigued by the promise of "great music, free coffee and real topics." In the years since, Crossroads has grown tremendously. The goal was never size; the goal always was, and continues to be, based upon the ideas of authentic community, honest conversation and exploring the question: Where is God taking us next?

So where is Crossroads going? Only God really knows. But our short history has shown us that it's a journey of creating something that hasn't yet been seen, saying things that aren't being said and trusting God to do something truly meaningful in and through a bunch of imperfect people. We've seen that kind of faith and dependence affect people within our community, our city and, increasingly, our world. We expect God to continue to lead us through hard decisions that challenge the status quo. We'll do these things because we believe that God uses them to bring all of us into a thriving life of freedom. And we're all about that.

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